How to add your email signature above Reply/Forward Text

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What is email signature?

An email signature is a piece of text that is automatically added to your email, everytime when you compose one. Every mail client and well known web mails provide support for adding email signatures while composing your mail.

Email Signature

Why should you add email signature above quoted text

By default, when you configure to use an email signature, that email signature is added at the end (Even for Reply/Forwarded Messages). So why should you add the email signature above the quoted text:
  1. Sender may feel that it is at the bottom of the mail and not at the end of the message in reply to another message
  2. Recipient may not even look at the email signature if it is buried within the quoted text.
But even so, it comes down to purely your own preference when setting the position of the email signature

Adding your email signature above the quoted text

In Gmail

Positioning Email Signature - Gmail Settings

  1. Go to Mail Settings ( Click on the gear on top right and select Settings )
  2. Enable the "Insert this signature before quoted ..." option. ( Highlighted by red border in the above image)
  3. Then, click on 'Save Changes' at the bottom.
Now, whenever you compose a mail, your signature will be added above your quoted text.

In and Yahoo Mail

In both and Yahoo Mail, by default and as the only option, the signature is added above the quoted text. So you do not have to change any settings for those mail services.

In Thunderbird

Positioning Email Signature - Thunderbird Account Settings Window

  1. Right Click on the Account and select Settings.
  2. Select "Composition & Addressing".
  3. Then, select "below my reply (above the quote)" right to "place my signature"

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