Linux Foundation's free course on Open Source Licenses

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Have you had a hard time understanding the Open Source Licenses? Are you confused whether you can use a specific open source library in your work? Linux Foundation now offers a free course on Open Source Licenses and Compliance guidelines for such prominent licenses.

Why should we understand Open Source License?

Understanding how copyrights and licenses work, and being able to clearly and accurately specify them is key to making sure that your software is acceptable into upstream projects, and reflects your intentions correctly. Also, knowing what licenses come with libraries could help you choose the appropriate library for your software.

Linux Foundation Course on Open Source Licenses
Open Source License - Which to use?

About the course

The "LFC191 Compliance Basics For Developers" course is designed to help software developers and those involved in producing software that will be distributed to understand why it is important to add copyrights and licenses to their code, as well as how to do so.

The material in this course provides information on how to create file notices with copyrights and licenses to minimize problems and ambiguity, which is useful for internal corporate projects as well, as for contributing to open source projects. An overview of the types of licenses to consider, as well as the other permissions that may be needed to secure prior to external contribution, is also summarized.

The course offers insights about different kinds of licenses, when to use them, considerations while contributing to open source projects, etc..

Accessing the course

You have to register for the Linux Foundation's free course at Compliance Basics for Developers course page. This course is available free of cost. After registration, you can track your courses at Linux foundation though its portal page.

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