How to Choose a Cloud Service for your Personal Data

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With the ever-increasing amount of data that we all have on our various devices and with the ever-growing need for the ability to share some of that data with other people, we are seeing more and more need for cloud storage services that will allow us to do exactly that. However, with so many cloud services available today, how does one choose the best?

Consider the Storage Space
One of the first things you will consider is the amount of storage space that you will be getting with your cloud storage solution. In essence, the more space you get, the better. In most cases, if you decide to spend some money on it, you should be getting more storage than you could ever need. Things get complicated if you are looking for free cloud storage solutions. Depending on the cloud storage service you choose, you will be getting anywhere between 1 GB and 50 GB of space where you will be able to store your data.

Consider the Price
It goes without saying that one of the most important factors when deciding on your cloud storage service is the price you will have to pay for it. Most service providers offer free accounts where you will get limited storage space and limited functionality. When you choose to pay, you will be getting significantly more storage and additional options and features that will make your experience more comprehensive and, ultimately, more enjoyable.
Consider their Data Centers
This is something many users forget about and that is the importance of the physical infrastructure that the service provider uses. For example, the better cloud storage service providers will have data centers in a number of different locations, ensuring that a natural or manmade catastrophe of any kind will not endanger the whole system, but only a part of it. In such situations, other data centers can make up for the one that is experiencing difficulties.

Consider the Customer Base
There are new cloud storage providers popping up all over the place and it often seems that there is a new one showing up every day. While these have the potential to be the next big thing, it is still a much better solution to go with someone who has a large number of customers who have been with them for quite some time. It is also a good indicator if they have been enlarging their customer base in the previous period. Conversely, if you find out that more and more people are leaving them, this might be a sign that something is wrong.
Consider the Security
We all have certain data which we do not want to have accessed and when cloud storage is in question, this can be quite a problem. Because of this, you will want to ensure that your chosen cloud storage service provider has top-level security measures integrated in their system and that they can vouch for the security of your files. Client-end encryption is one such security feature and something you should always look for.

Consider the Accreditations
Another thing that you will want to check is whether the cloud storage provider has been audited lately and whether they have all the accreditations and validations. Without these, you can never be sure they are above board and reputable.

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