5 Elements Your Event Web Site has to have

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Having a striking and well-designed website is crucial for all event professionals. It can make or break any event as well, because the online avenues are teeming with people. A bulk of your attendees and potential partners could make an excellent first impression based on your online presence. So, make an effort to bring your website to the next level and equip it with powerful tools such as WordPress plugins, embedded videos and other cutting-edge features.

Responsive design

Sites that have the ability to render across multiple user devices and screen sizes are stealing the show. An increasing amount of internettraffic is coming from mobile platforms and Google has taken notice. Mobile optimization is one of the decisive factors affecting the rankings on this search engine, and it makes the number of visitors skyrocket or plummet.
Users want the most optimal experience and seamless functioning of the site that looks up to date and current. Developer Week 2015 tech event website is one of those that translate quite well on different devices and are taking the central stage in the niche.

Clean outlook

Overall aesthetics should be up to point and enable a simple user experience. Attendees must be able to find content information with ease and fill the forms without complications. Nobody wants to search around the website to find basic functions or conference agenda. A concise menu bar is essential so steer away from digital clutter.
Break up information into smaller chunks and make them accessible with just a few clicks. Integrate share icons to create buzz on social networks. Those seeking to promote their website should always make a good use of social integration. This can be made possible with superb plugins like WP Events.

Strong visual identity

At the same time, offer visitors a stunning visual content that give away the feel of attending a real event. Video embeds can serve as an excellent piece of promotion and the same goes for an ambient intro that complements the design. Choose the color palette with caution and this is something that services such as MozCon nailed.
Note that some platform can be limiting when it comes to page visual design. But, a few handy plugins can enable you to change the appearance of events, for example. OpenVis Conf is the prime example of successful data visualization using latest web tools.

Killer plugins

Plugins provide a wide set of features that enhance the structure of your website and make arranging operations easier. One of the best plug-ins out there is definitely Yoast SEO plug-in. Although, WordPress is, on its own, a powerful SEO “tool”. Yoast enables you to optimize your posts even further. Options such as meta description and keyword management, social integration and optimization of the post for a better visual appeal on social networks, multilingual support and a general page analysis will make your posts skyrocket the ladders of search engines. The best thing is that you can apply Yoast on already written posts and “mend” them in such a way that that they become search engine friendly, without losing any of the content value.

Easy and safe purchases

This seems like an obvious one, but the cornerstone of your WordPress website is easy WP event ticketing system. People are cautious when making online payments and want their money to be handled by event service that is trustworthy and efficient.
There are some WordPress plugins like Tickera that can help you create safe payment gateways to other platforms like PayPal. It is always a good idea to choose those plugins that have add-on options for expanding their capabilities. Also, make crucial information visible and consider a nice one page design that High Load Strategy has utilized.

Just a few clicks away

In order to hit big as an event website, you need to stand out and cut through all the online noise. So, boost your online presence with plugins that provide great customization opportunities. Showcase great design, enable clear communication and give visitors the taste of your professional integrity and competence. Provide clean, modern experience, and make it easy for attendees to get to know and join your events, which is a top priority after all. 

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