Linux & Windows VPS - Making Your Decision

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Virtual private servers enable users to be in control, protect their privacy, and utilize many digital resources. But, choosing a proper operating system is crucial for supporting these functions. There are two major choices you should consider- Windows and Linux. They have some similarities and share certain basic functions. However, each option has its pros and cons one must take into account before making an educated decision.

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Measuring up Linux

Most people are used to Windows OS on their desktops, but VPS hosting is a different league. Linux is widely popular when it comes to web hosting, and for good reasons too. First off, Linux is an open source OS, which means you do not have any licensing costs.
This is a clear advantage over Windows which requires a few extra bucks. Moreover, open source nature allows Linux to work like a charm with other open source programming applications and languages like PHP. You can as well consider other OS options such as Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS.
Servers for this OS are not optimized to such extent as those for Windows, and Linux-compatible applications can be customized to require fewer system resources. With features such as VPS control panel, for example, you can ensure that RAM is used more efficiently. And SSH Access makes the server load time faster and provides better overall control than Windows counterpart.
Furthermore, Linux VPS hosting platform supports top-notch technology solutions such as LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP). They allow users to explore advanced URL rewriting, enhanced database content and to make PHP more user-friendly.
Linux hosting infrastructure supports various databases, with the most common providers like PostgreSQL and MySQL stealing the show. Data retrieval is fast due to the well-optimized communication with a website. This is another string added to the Linux bow.

Window of opportunity

One of the aces up Windows’ sleeve is the support for ASP.NET and classic ASP scripts. Those who use ASP should thus consider this popular OS as their first choice. But, this is not the only advantage Windows has, far from it. Windows server environment is easier to navigate, so it is a better solution for those with limited technical and IT skills.
Apart from the ASP.NET, those using VB.NET and Microsoft.NET will find Windows invaluable for their efforts. Furthermore, it allows you to make the most of MySQL and Microsoft Access database, something that Linux cannot provide.
Another handy feature is the Microsoft SharePoint software platform that successfully combines web publishing with collaboration on one server. It allows website development which includes content management systems, search engines, intranets, blogs and other great tools.
Windows incorporates the remote access option, enabling users to gain a visual view of the server’s configuration. Although Linux has a SSH feature, it is a text-based interface that takes time to learn and master. It is not as easy and intuitive as the admired Windows Interface.
Finally, users can get a whole lot of support for Windows, and receive regular updates. However, as a commercial system, Windows is more expensive. It is also not that good at integrating other open source platforms, but is superior when working with Microsoft programs and software.

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The choice is yours

The VPS hosting solution is used to scale up your resources, store and access data and run applications. The decision between the two can make or break your hosting attempts, so chose carefully. When titans like Linux and Microsoft clash on digital battleground, results are compelling.
Bear in mind that in the end, it all depends on your needs and ways you want to use the VPS hosting. If MS SQL, ASP and SharePoint are critical for your work, then Microsoft hosting is a more sound option. On the other hand, Linux is a cheaper alternative, and tailored to those who prefer open source solutions.  

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