How to rename multiple files in LINUX/Windows 7/8/8.1

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Renaming multiple files is always a hassle in any operating system, if done manually. It always proves to be a tedious job.

In this article, we present you some Bulk Renaming Utilities for both Windows and LINUX, which make renaming multiple files a breeze.


Bulk Rename Utility

Bulk Rename Utility is a great renaming tool that comes with multiple options - Use regular expressions, String replacement, Insertion/Deletion of String in the file name.

  1. Open Bulk Rename Utility.
  2. Select the folder which contains the files to be renamed.
  3. Then select the files to be renamed
  4. Now, enter the text which you want to replace in the file name in the Repl [3] group and then click on Rename

  5. String Replacement

    Adding Numeric Prefixes
  6. If you know a thing or two about Regular Expressions, then you can use Regex [1] group. (References section contains useful links to Regular Expression)
Rename using regular expressions



pyRenamer supports Pattern matching, Substitutions, Insert/Delete text in the file names. Although this one provides pattern matching, it is not as robust as regular expressions are. So this one will require you to write one hell of a pattern for long file names.

  1. Open pyRenamer. In the left pane, navigate to the directory that contains the files which are to be renamed
  2. Then click on the 'Substitutions' tab.
  3. Now enable the 'Replace' checkbox and enter the text to be replaced and the replacement text (you can leave it empty, if you just want to delete the text).
  4. Rename using text substitution
  5. Click on 'Rename'. The text in the file names will be replaced.
  6. If you know basic concepts about patterns or Regular Expressions, then you can go for 'Patterns' tab. pyRenamer does not use Regular Expressions, but instead uses its own pattern matching.
  7. Hover the mouse over the text fields to see the patterns offered by pyRenamer
Rename using patterns


  1. Regular Expression - Tutorial
  2. Regular Expression - Character Classes

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