4 Ways to Try LINUX without installing

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LINUX is slowly gaining an upper hand in the Operating System market. But newbies do not want to straightaway install this "so called OS for nerds" (bull**it - LINUX has become much user friendly for beginners). They might want to try it out before installing it on their system. Also some LINUX users may want to try other LINUX distros before moving to any other LINUX distro
This tutorial aims at such people who wants to try any LINUX distro before installing it on their machine.

Possibilities :  

  1. Boot from Live DVD
  2. Boot from Live USB Stick
  3. Boot from ISO
  4. Trying it out from Virtual Machine

1. Boot from Live DVD :

This can be done by burning the ISO image of the LINUX distro you have downloaded to a DVD and booting from the Live DVD.
For burning the ISO file , you can use softwares like Nero, Power ISO, Ashampoo Burning Studio, etc.. under Windows
For burning the ISO under LINUX, you can use K3B, Brasero Disc Burner, etc

2. Boot from Live USB Stick :

This is the most popular option that everyone stick with. With this, you can even make your Live LINUX persistent (i.e. You can save files in them).
For this you need the LINUX distro ISO and software like Universal USB Installer, LiLi Boot ( for Windows) and UNetBootin ( for both Windows and LINUX)
Then open the software and select your distro as well as the USB drive from which you want to boot the GNU/LINUX distro.

3. Boot from ISO :

I have already made a post on How to Boot Ubuntu based GNU/LINUX distros directly from ISO file.

4. VirtualBox :

This method is obviously the first thing that pops out in anyone's mind who want to try out any new distro (Not just GNU/LINUX). There is no need to restart the PC unlike other methods. This is also the least time consuming process.

Click here to download VirtualBox for your system.

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