How to open LINUX's Ext filesystem in windows xp/7/8/8.1

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I have always mounted the NTFS and FAT partitions in GNU/LINUX, but never the other way around - mounting EXT partitions in Windows. Searching for the solution, I stumbled upon Ext2Fsd, a project that aims at mounting the Ext partitions in Windows.

Installing Ext2Fsd :

  1. Download Ext2Fsd
  2. While installing, it will ask for an option to whether provide the support for writing data to Ext partitions. If you wish to enable write access to your EXT partition, then you can enable the options ( Even if this option is not selected, I was still able to write to the partitions, so i am not sure what these options are for)

  3. After installation has finished, open Ext2 Volume Manager - this will be used to manage mounting the Ext partitions

Mounting EXT Partitions :

  1. Then select the Ext partition that you wish to mount in Windows. As a note, the Ext4 partitions are listed as Ext3 in the Ext2 Volume Manager, but no problems in mounting them.

  2. Ext2 Volume Manager

  3. Right click the partition and select 'Ext2 Management'
  4. A box will pop up presenting you with the options to mount the Ext partition

  5. Mounting options

  6. If you want to only mount the partition with any drive letter, you can use the first option 'Automatically mount via Ext2Mgr'
  7. If you want to mount the partition with specific drive letter every time, you can use the second option 'Mountpoint for fixed disk, need reboot'
Ext 4 Partition mounted under Windows 8.1

More info :

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