How to install Tomboy Notes Taking App in Windows XP/7/8/8.1

What is Tomboy Notes ?

Tomboy Notes is a great notes taking application that is available for free of cost. It is the default notes taking application in most of the GNU/LINUX distributions.

Tomboy Notes

Features :

  • Notes Synchronization
  • Offline Notes
  • Export to HTML
  • Links to other Notes
  • Font Styling & Sizing
  • Export to Wordpress / Blogger (with add-in)
  • Automatically open the notes on specified date & time (with add-in)
  • Table of Contents (with add-in)
Tomboy Notes Screenshot

Installing Tomboy Notes in Windows :

  1. Install the latest .Net Framework (4.0 , at the very least) in your system
  2. Download & Install GTK# for .Net
  3. GTK# for .NET download
    GTK# for .Net

  4. Download the Gtk+ 2.x all-in-one bundle 2.24.10 or newer and extract it (e.g. to C:\GtkPlus)
  5. GTK+ Bundle Download
    Gtk+ 2.24.10 bundle

  6. Create an Environmental Variable named 'TOMBOY_PATH_PREFIX' with the value set to your GTK+ Extraction directory followed by /bin. For e.g. C:\GtkPlus\bin. You can create an Environmental Variable by 'Start Menu' -> Right Click 'Computer' -> Select 'Properties' -> 'Advanced System Settings' -> 'Advanced' tab -> 'Environmental Variables'
  7. Setting the environmental variable
    Environmental Variable for TOMBOY_PATH_PREFIX

  8. Now restart your system
  9. Then download and install the Tomboy Notes for Windows
That did take some work to get it installed, but you finally have it here. 

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