Speed up your internet access with Squid Proxy Server on Windows / LINUX


Are you on a local network and your bandwidth is getting consumed a lot ? Then Squid Proxy Server might help you out, saving your bandwidth and getting a quick response. Squid Proxy Server is available for both Windows and LINUX.

What is the need for it ?

Let us assume that there are lots of machines on a network that access internet through a single computer ( known as Gateway ). These machines may access the same page frequently. Each time, the machine makes a request for the page from the internet. Let us say about 20 machines try to access the same page of 1 MB size. All those 20 machines will consume a bandwidth of 20 MB. This may also result in slower response from the page.

What does Squid do ?

Squid stores the web page that is accessed the first time and the next time any machine tries to access the same page, Squid provides you with a cached version of the same page thus saving your time and bandwidth. Also, squid does not provide you the same page for the entirety of your life. You can set timeouts so that squid will get a new copy of the page and provide it for you.

So how do i install it ?

Squid proxy server is available as ready to install for Windows and comes packaged in most LINUX distributions' repositories. You can also download the source package and then compile them manually, but that might be a tedious job (haven't tried it though).

Visit the squid download page to know more information about them

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