Skype Not Working on 64bit GNU/LINUX with NVIDIA Graphics Driver - Solved

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Installed Skype on Ubuntu 13.10 64 bit recently and faced a great challenge in getting it to start. Everytime i tried to run skype, i was in dismay because it did not start. Then, when i started skype from the terminal, i got this error message :

error while loading shared libraries: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64

When i searched over the internet, regarding this error message, it seemed the error was because of the following
  1. Skype relies on 32 bit
  2. But it first finds the 64 bit file and tries to use it for the rendering, which results in the above error : wrong ELF class
Skype not working on 64bit GNU/LINUX - Wrong ELF Class  ELFCLASS64
Skype not working on 64bit GNU/LINUX - Wrong ELF Class  ELFCLASS64

So in order to make skype get the correct file, we want to make it recognize the 32 bit libGL ELF. For that, do the following :

Open Terminal and type the following :
cd /usr
find ./ -name

Finding the path of the appropriate file
Finding the path of the appropriate file

For each line of the result displayed, copy the line and enter the command until you find ELF 32-bit in the result of the command as follows :
file <paste the line copied> e.g. file ./lib32/
In the ./lib32/ (or whatever path you found out), replace '' with the text after 'symbolic link to '. In my case it is ''. So the next command will be 
file ./lib32/ (Or your file, of course)
Check whether the command's output has ELF 32-bit in 
Repeat this sequence until you find the 32bit libGL ELF.

So, for me the file is under "/usr/lib32". 

sudo vi /etc/

Add the following entry into the file :
/usr/lib32 ( Or your path, if yours is a different one )

Save the file and run the following command in the terminal :
sudo ldconfig

Now start the skype. It must have started like it did for me .

Skype on GNU/LINUX
Skype on GNU/LINUX

 If so, Hurray !!! If not, post your terminal output in the comments below, so that we can help you out. Or else post in the forum


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