Protect your privacy online with these tips

Are you tired of being stalked while browsing online ? Do you get the same annoying ads about the things you searched over the internet recently. Well, you are not alone. There are thousands of millions of people who are irked by this "INVASION OF PRIVACY".

Invasion of Privacy
Well they may call it the targeted ads, but for us its something about grand annoyance. I do not go against any particular organization or company, but in general against all those who peep into others private matters in that regard.

So How do I protect myself from being tracked online ?

  1. This is the first thing that every computer nerd would say when it comes down to online privacy : "TOR". Tor Browser helps you safeguard your online privacy. Click here to download TOR
  2. Use TOR browser for searching products online or to do some other private stuff online.
  3. Use a Mail Client such as Outlook or Thunderbird for viewing Emails.
  4. Always use Firefox for things such as Social Networking and viewing web mails ( I do not personally have any grudge against other browsers, but i find a certain browser slower than Firefox, which can be tracking me all the way along my browsing trail ).
  5. Do not install any addons in your web browser unless it is absolutely necessary and you too have complete faith in it.
  6. Always use random search engines to make things easier. Do not use only a particular search engine. This way it will certainly track your browsing patterns.
  7. Disable javascript and other unwanted plugins. This can also save your bandwidth a lot and also protect your privacy online.
With these tips I can assure you that your privacy will remain safe to a greater extent if not to its completeness. You cannot possibly hide from the entire internet stalkers but limit them.

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