Google offers a custom URL for your Google+ Page or Profile

Yesterday, when i was checking my Google+ page, i saw some interesting message above my page and the message read " Your page is eligible for a custom URL ". Intrigued by the message I thought what could it be and just clicked on "Get now" button right next to it without hesitation or a second thought.

This is not limited to the Google+ pages , but you can also get a custom URL for your profile as well

Below is a screenshot of the message :

Google+ Custom Domain for page

And what i found :

It seems the custom URL is prefixed by and you should enter some additional characters after that. If the URL is available then you can use it as a custom URL for your page.

The custom URL for this blog is ( And Dont forget to bookmark it and Follow the page :-) )
Custom URL selection page

So how to get the custom URL :

Google will show the message like it did for me on top of your Google+ profile or page, if it meets its criteria.

If it is a Google+ profile, then you should have :
  1. 10 or more followers
  2. Your account is 30 days old or more
  3. A profile picture
Now that is it. If you've got this, then you'll see the message for custom URL

If it is a Google+ page, then it should have :
  1. A website linked to it ( for Non-Local Google+ page )
  2. It should be a verified local business ( For local Google+ page )
Although, I dont know what they mean by the term 'Local' and 'Non-Local' page

So are you ready to show off to your friends about the fancy names you got in your Google+ profile ? Good !!!

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