Manga (Japanese Genre Comic) for Ubuntu - Ubunchu

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If you are an Anime Lover , then you are surely bound to know Japanese Manga. And if you are an Ubuntu lover, then you might , indeed, love this manga as well : Ubunchu - A manga for Ubuntu. Yes, it is a manga based on Ubuntu ( And old too, that in the manga Ubuntu 8.04 was mentioned as the LTS version )

About Ubunchu :

This manga tells the tale of three System Administrators, Akane, Risa and Masato - all members of the System Adminstrator club, each having an affinity towards different Operating Systems - CLI LINUX, Mac OS and Windows respectively, only until they stock up on Ubuntu as their favourite OS

Ubunchu Cover Page
This manga covers in shallow about the Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, its principles, code of conduct, about CLI, Licensing etc.. in its storyline. This also breaks the common misconceptions among noobs ( am being a noob myself ) about modern LINUX OSs that it is hard to manage and use. You may need to give it a going. This manga is really good.

Visit this page to download the manga in your favourite language :
Ubunchu Manga Download

And wallpapers for this manga are also available at the following page on the same website :
Ubunchu Manga Wallpapers

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