Dashboard for Data Cards under GNU/LINUX with Modem Manager GUI

Even though GNU/LINUX is gaining ground in the battle of OSs, many Hardware vendors and Software makers still don't see GNU/LINUX as a great place for their products to be present or supported to the fullest. One such misery is Huawei modems which don't come with a dashboard for the GNU/LINUX systems. They only provide the drivers for GNU/LINUX.

But the bitter part is these days there is no need to install such drivers because data cards are usable under GNU/LINUX without the need to install additional drivers (in most cases).

Why do you need a dashboard ?

That's a good question to ask since one is not needed to make a internet connection. But even so, there are some occasions when a dashboard comes in handy:
  1. Send/Receive/View SMS through the data card
  2. Check your internet balance
  3. View/Control Data Usage
  4. View Device/Network Information

What if my data card comes with no dashboard ?

Modem Manager GUI
Modem Manager GUI

Yeah i know its a pain in the neck. Switching the SIM just to find the balance or else to Windows for the same is really a time consuming and irking job.

But thanks to Modem Manager GUI, that problem has been solved, although it isn't complete yet, it does do a decent job.

Features :

  1. Send/Receive/View SMS ( I was not able to successfully send an SMS with the app. So use it with caution )
  2. Modem Manager GUI - SMS Panel
    SMS Panel
  3. Send USSD codes ( Used for checking the internet balance and other things )
  4. Modem Manager GUI - USSD Codes
    Sending USSD codes to check internet balance
  5. Set Time Limit / Traffic Limit for data transfer, ( and actions for them too )
  6. Modem Manager GUI - Transfer Limit
    Setting the data transfer limit
  7. View Device Information, Network Operator info and location information too
  8. Modem Manager GUI - Device Information
    Viewing Device Information
  9. View Statistical Information about the connections made when the manager is running ( You can set it as a startup application so that everytime you access the internet, the internet usage will be logged )
  10. Does not support Contacts, at least for me, the reason being stated as Modem Manager does not support Modem Contacts Manipulation Functions 

Installing Modem Manager GUI :

For Ubuntu derivatives :
sudo add-apt-repository linuxonly/modem+manager+gui
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install modem-manager-gui
For Fedora derivatives : You can download the appropriate RPM packages by making a search through Google

Adding Modem Manager GUI to startup application :

Startup Applications Modem Manager GUI
Adding Modem Manager GUI to startup applications

You can do this by going to startup applications and giving the command as 'modem-manager-gui'

If you know how to make the contacts work, kindly mention it in the comments, it would be useful for many.

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