Google rolls out redesigned Interface

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Well, this information is not completely true, nor it is completely false. Google has rolled out to some users, i believe, (or based on some browsers) a redesigned interface for a number of its services. Only the top navigation bar has been weeded out in some services and made into a single button that can be used to select the required service.

The interface resembled much like an android app. This was in my own system's chrome, a new version. But when accessed from my office system, which has a relatively old chrome version, i did not get the new interface.

Anyway, i think Google's new design is a welcome addition and this also saves some space in the browser window.

Currently, i get the new design for the following services :

  • GMail
  • Google Home Page
  • Google+
  • Calendar
  • Drive
Enough of the talk already, so how is the new interface, you would ask definitely. The following screenshots will make it for you :

New Design

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