Dictionary for Windows and GNU/LINUX

There are many dictionary softwares available all over the internet. Some of them are good and some of them are just worthless. So here i have decided to share the dictionary software for Windows and GNU/LINUX.

Most of you might have already used StarDict. If that's the case, then follow the steps to get additional dictionaries ( A total of 33 dictionaries ). For those who don't know about it, here are its features :
  1. Supports Dictionary Integration just though copy and paste of files.
  2. Full Text Translation (with help from the internet )
  3. Supports Net Dictionaries ( and no need to install them, just searches through internet)
  4. Supports Mouse Point Scanning
  5. Supports man pages (for GNU/LINUX, if installed through the Software Centre, at least in Ubuntu)
  6. Enable / Disable individual dictionaries
  7. Supports Audio Dictionaries as well


This is the major part. Internet is stuffed with lots of useless and trash dictionaries, which is especially true in the case of Windows. Ultimate Dictionary is a great dictionary software for Windows. It also comes with a whole lot of dictionaries.

Ultimate Dictionary in Windows
Ultimate Dictionary Windows
You can also use StarDict in its place if you just simple love it to the core of your being. But the thing is Ultimate Dictionary was built from the StarDict itself (although it's a bit outdated). You can give it a try.

StarDict Windows
StarDict on Windows - Showing a lot of dictionaries
took from Ultimate Dictionary

If you want to stick with the StarDict, then here is a piece of advice :
  1. Download Ultimate Dictionary
  2. Install it
  3. Install the StarDict ( If you haven't yet ).
  4. Move to the Installation Directory of the Ultimate Dictionary. 
  5. Copy all the files within the 'dic' folder to the StarDict's ''dic' folder
  6. Now you'll have all those dictionaries available in StarDict as well.
VIDEO : Copying the dictionary files in Windows ( requires both Ultimate Dictionary and StarDict installed )


StarDict GNU/Linux
StarDict Dictionary - Ubuntu
Most of you might have already used / are still using StarDict Dictionary in your GNU/LINUX systems. Get StarDict and additional dictionaries by following these steps :
  1. Download Ultimate Dictionary ( for WINDOWS )
  2. Install it through Wine ( If you dont have Wine , or else, you can also install it in Windows, which method we will be using for demonstration )
    Note: The installation of StarDict in Wine may state that the installation has failed / the program has stopped responding. But still, the dictionary files are usable
  3. Now Install StarDict through either Software Center or you can also download it directly
  4. Now open terminal and type the following :
    gksu nautilus
  5. Then move to the Ultimate Dictionary's installation directory ( either in Wine or if you have installed it in Windows, then to the Windows directory )
  6. Now copy all the files within the 'dic' directory and paste it in the StarDict's 'dic' directory ( the usual installation directory for StarDict is /usr/share/stardict/ )
  7. Close the file manager. In order to make sure the dictionary files are readable by the dictionary, issue the following command in the terminal :
    sudo chmod 666 /usr/share/stardict/dic/*
  8. Hurray ! Now you have your favourite StarDict with delicious pudding
VIDEO : Copying the dictionary files in GNU/LINUX ( requires Ultimate Dictionary Installed in Windows, and StarDict installed in GNU/LINUX) - You can also install Ultimate Dictionary through Wine or in some other Windows System and then just copy the dictionary files to the GNU/LINUX machine

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