View MS Office files in Chrome

Are you tired of downloading the wrong Office files, be it Document, Spreadsheet or Presentation, which is not worth your time ? Now Google has decided to add an extension to chrome that allows it to open the Office files within the chrome itself just like the PDF files. This option is already available on Chrome OS and now its for Chrome running on Windows and Mac ( Sadly not yet for LINUX )

So what of it ?

Imagine the frustration that you have faced by downloading the wrong files. Downloading those files directly to your PC and opening them with MS Office only to get disappointed. Wouldn't it be nice if you were able to open it just like any other web page before saving them.

This extension allows you to view the Office files just like the PDF files without the need for downloading to view them. This saves your Time and Disk Space ( Some forget to delete these useless junks ) and also keeps you cool.

Document opened in Chrome

Presentation opened in Chrome

Spreadsheet opened in Chrome

How do I get it ?

To get the Chrome Office Viewer, just follow these steps :
  1. Download and install Chrome Beta
  2. Install this Chrome Extension : Chrome Office Viewer
  3. Now just click on the Office files you come across the Web to get them opened in your browser itself
Chrome Office Viewer Extension

Conclusion :

As of now, the extension supports some of the files and downloads some files instead of opening them in the browser itself. Even though this comes in handy many times, it fails to open files too with a warning. Let us see when the stable one is released.

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