Mount ExFAT in LINUX

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Got an exFAT device that fails to mount in LINUX ? Dont worry, there's a solution to that. When a friend of mine inserted his 64GB Pen Drive formatted with exFAT file system into my Ubuntu 12.10, it showed an error that there is no mounting option for exFAT devices

Why exFAT is not available on LINUX ?

The exFAT file system is patented by the Microsoft Corporation and hence making it a part of the LINUX OS will make it a patent infringement act. Thus, LINUX does not include the exFAT in its kernel.

exFAT Warning in Ubuntu

Then what should I do ?

Fortunately though, there is a fuse driver for the exFAT file system. It allows us to mount and use the exFAT file systems. 

How to install the Fuse Driver : 

Fedora :

The FUSE Driver can be installed on a Fedora based system from the RPM Fusion Reopsitory

Ubuntu / Mint :

In Ubuntu / Mint, you have to add a PPA and then install it.
In ubuntu, open the terminal and type the following :
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:relan/exfat
sudo apt-get update

Ok, here is the problem . In Ubuntu, I use the following command to install it successfully. But in Linux Mint 13, it seems the package name is different.

Use this :

sudo apt-get install exfat-fuse

If the above doesn't work , then use this :

sudo apt-get install fuse-exfat
Now you will have the exFAT driver installed in your LINUX. Reboot your system and use your exFAT drive like every other drives.

Others :

VIew the home page of exFAT project for other LINUX distributions

Phew. These patents really get onto our nerves. They dont even allow us to freely use a lousy device that does not use a widely accepted and usable file system . But thanks to Andrew Nayenko , this problem has been solved.

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