What can you do with Google Nose ?

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Google has recently engaged themselves in making a device called Google Nose ( still in developmental stage ). But this device has not gained enough widespread popularity as its counterpart 'Google Glass' . Google calls their new technology 'Scent'sational .

Google has already done it with one of your senses 'Eyes' with their google glasses and now they move on to the next thing 'Nose'. So let us see what this Google('s) Nose can do.

What is Google Nose ?

It is Google's next upcoming technology that literally lets you smell the odour of things around you. But however this is only in conception phase. Watch this video for more information ( this is only a conception ) :

So how does it work ?

Google is planning out to make an Odour Gear ( or Google Nose as it should be called ) just like Google Glasses, which contains number of harmless chemical components , each of which resembles a smell. It also analyses the environment's air and gives you an approximate detail of the components in your air. So if you want to smell an odour, these chemical components combine in correct proportion to simulate the small that you wanted.

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  • Android Powered
  • Simulates Smell
  • Analysis of Ambient odours
  • Smell detection

What are its Uses ?

If you know the components present in the atmosphere it is easy to find shops. In flower shops, they can be really useful which can be used to check the freshness of flowers. Also one can use this to analyse the ingredients of a food so that you can avoid the food that contains ingredients that you hate. You can also use it to found out the direction from which an odour comes. And this is not limited to these alone.

Things you can smell with Google Nose

Bottomline :

Google Nose would be an incredibe gear if it really were to appear. So how do you feel Google's prank for this year's April fool.

Stay tuned for more updates ( not pranks ). Chill out ...

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