Sync Google Calendar with Thunderbird

Are you tired of logging in into the Google Calendar website and then manage your events ( unless, of course, you own an Android device - as far as i know ) ? You can synchronize your Google Calendar with Thunderbird so that every time you need not login into the Google Calendar to see your events.

Thunderbird and Google Calendar
Let us see how to synchronize the Google Calendar with Mozilla Thunderbird :

Syncing Google Calendar with Mozilla Thunderbird :

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird
  2. Go to Tools -> Addons
  3. Install these addons :
    Lightning, Provider for Google Calendar
  4. Restart Thunderbird
  5. Go to Google Calendar website and click on the Settings icon and then select 'Settings'
  6. In the Calendar tab, click on the Calendar which you have to synchronize with Thunderbird
  7. In the next page, click on XML button right next to Private Address. A bix will appear with the link to the calendar
  8. Copy the link
  9. In the Thunderbird, Go to 'New->Calendar', Select 'On the Network' and click on Next
  10. Select 'Google Calendar' in the format and paste the link in the Location text field
  11. Tick the 'Offline Support' checkbox
  12. Then enter your Google Username and Password
  13. Now name your new calendar and click on Finish
  14. Then click on the Calendar icon at the right top of Thunderbird and select the calendar you just created.
  15. Now you can manage the events from the thunderbird itself. 

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