Run Android on LINUX

Running Android on LINUX ? Is bluestacks available for LINUX too ? Certainly not. But there are alternatives to run Android on LINUX. Previously, on LINUX, to run or test android application we had to install Android SDK and used the SDK emulator for that purpose. But now, to run the applications, you do not need to do all that.

Here is how to run Android on Linux :

Possibilities :

You can run android on LINUX without installing the SDK by using one of these options
  • AndroVM for VirtualBox
  • Android x86

What we do here :

I choose to use AndroVM because
  • Customized for VirtualBox
  • Supports most of the apps on Google Play
  • Android x86 supports only limited apps

Requirements :

  • VirtualBox
  • AndroVM for VirtualBox

How to do this :

Click on Open Appliance

  • Change the Name of the Android Virtual Machine by double clicking on the Name
  • Click on Finish
Change the Name by double clicking the Name field

  • Now select the Android Virtual Machine you just created and click on Start
  • Thats it. Your Android is ready and will boot up. Make through all those initial configurations and you can use you Android device ( just kidding. cannot replace a real android device )
Lock Screen

App Screen

Conclusion :

This is a great way to check out the new Android OS features and play with it, test your apps and much more. But even so, it is not a replacement for a real Android device. So dont place this on par with a real one.

Stay tuned for more updates guys ....
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