How to disable facebook page notifications

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Are you an admin of a facebook page ? Are you getting relentless notifications round the clock for your page ? Are you tired of it ? Then this page might be just for you.

You can get a load of notifications from the facebook page you own and it can be way too irritating

How to disable facebook page notifications :

  1. Go to your facebook page
  2. On the right side at the top of your page , click on Edit Page and select Manage Notifications
  3. Now just unselect the checkbox right next to 'Onsite Notifications' which states 'Send me a notification on Facebook when people post, like, comment on, or send a message.'
  4. Also you can unselect the checkbox to the right of 'Email Notifications' to disable the notifications for the page being delivered to your Email Inbox

Is that all to it. Yes it is. Now you can rest easy from those pesky notifications. Stay tuned for more updates.

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