Presentation Ideas - Creating Good Background with GIMP

A good presentation is easy to create with LibreOffice Impress and Powerpoint once you know how to use the Master Pages. All it needs is a good background and good color combination in the presentation. Here is how to create a good presentation with the help of Impress and GIMP

For creating a good presentation you need :

  1. Good background
  2. Good Color Combination in the Presentation

Qualities of a good background :

A good background should have the following qualities :
  1. It should be either too light or too dark and not both
  2. It should not hinder the view of the other text / images on the slidesA bad one and good one
  3. Example for Bad background & a good background
  4. A relevant background for the presentation would be preferable. For e.g. in case of Wildlife presentation, any wildlife scenery would add pleasant aroma to the dishRelevant Image
  5. A Relevant Image is always good to have in a presentation

  6. In case of relevant image, it has to be too light, otherwise it may not be too comfy for the text to be placed
  7. You can also use abstract images and they can be used for almost all kinds of presentations

Making a good background with GIMP :

  1. Select the picture which you want to use a background for the presentation
  2. Open it with GIMP
  3. Right Click -> Color -> Brightness-Contrast

  4. Selecting the Brightness Option
  5. Set the brightness to the level you want the picture to be
  6. Change the brightness
  7. If the brightness has reached its maximum and you want to make the picture even lighter, then Right Click -> Color -> Levels
  8. Selecting the Levels Option
  9. In the 'Output' slider, move the black pointer ( at the left most ) to make the picture even lighter
  10. Changing the Output Levels
  11. After it is done, export the file.

Importing the background in LibreOffice Impress :

  1. Right Click on the presentation area and select 'Slide' -> 'Background Picture for slide'

  2. Inserting the background

  3. Now select the picture you want to use as background

Choosing the right color :

  • If you are using a light background, then use a dark color of the background's color
  • If you are using a dark background, then use a light color of the background's color
  • Do not use colors those are highly contrast to the background. Or else , the presentation would look splashy

Nice Background
Stay tuned for more tips & tricks ...

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