Installing Open Office in Ubuntu

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Are you one of them who say 'LibreOffice is creating problems for me'. Well, certainly I am one of them. The text keeps disappearing in the middle of keystrokes and i need to scroll somewhere else and need to scrollback. Then again, when I make another keystroke, the text disappears again. Sometimes, the picture insertion fails without even opening the picture insertion dialog box.

I am not a regular user of a Word Processor. So i do not know the full list of the bugs that are prevalent in LibreOffice. But those who are using Linux from the early days really love OpenOffice. But sadly, things have been turbulent in the OpenOffice side lately because Oracle discontinued their official support and then Apache took it into their care ( it was too late ).

So if you want to install the good old Open Office, here is how to do that
  1. Download Open Office package from the Apache Website
  2. Remove LibreOffice
  3. Install OpenOffice
  4. Restart the System
As simple as that ... And we now see everything in detail

1. Download Open Office :

Download the right Open Office package for you from here :

2. Remove LibreOffice :

As long as LibreOffice is there on your system, it will conflict with the OpenOffice Installation and will not allow you to install it. So you need to remove it.

To do so, open the Synaptic Package Manager, and find the package 'libreoffice-core' and mark it for complete removal and Apply the changes.

Do not worry if the LibreOffice launchers do not vanish from the unity bar. After installing the OpenOffice you will have to restart the system for them to disappear ( at least in my case )

3. Install OpenOffice :

  1. Extract the contents of the tarball to your home folder and rename the extracted folder to 'oo'.
  2. Now open the terminal and type the following :
  3. cd oo
    sudo dpkg -iR DEBS/
  4. Thats it. OpenOffice would have been installed. Again, in my case OpenOffice shortcuts did not come immediately after installation. Make sure the next step is executed

4. Restart the System :

This is necessary for the changes to take effect - LibreOffice launchers disappearing and OpenOffice menu shortcuts appearing. So do not forget to restart the system and get panicked

Stay tuned with us for more updates ....

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