Dukto : Simple File Sharing and Chat Client

Recently, i made a post about sharing files in LINUX over a network using the SAMBA server. After that i came to know about an even simpler file sharing tool known as Dukto.

Lets see about this little handy tool :

Dukto Features :

  • Easy sharing of files between laptops through Wi-Fi
  • Clients Auto Discovery over LAN
  • Drag and Drop File Sharing
  • Integrated Text Messaging
  • Free and Open Source
  • No configuration required
  • Simple User Interface
  • Available for LINUX, Windows ,Mac, Android, iOS and Symbian
  • Metro Style User Interface

How to use Dukto :

  1. Install Dukto in all the systems for which you like to do file transfer or chat ( You can download it from here )
  2. Open Dukto. If you are on a local network, Dukto will automatically detect the other open Dukto apps. Then all you need to do is select that user and send them text messages or files
  3. If the two of you are over internet , then click 'IP Connection' in Dukto and enter the IP address of the receiver. Then text the other or send files.
This one was really useful, wasn't it ? 

Stay tuned for more updates 

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