Type in your favourite language in any webpage

I have experienced the frustration of often opening the Character Map, be it Windows or LINUX to make up the Input Text for any web page in my desired language. Manually clicking on the Unicode symbols one by one and then copying and pasting the code.. Phew. this really seems cumbersome.

I came across an important extension for chrome & firefox which lets us input the text in our desired language without leaving the webpage.

Why No Character Map ?

  • Character map is not meant for Text Input for webpages
  • It is only for developers who want their code to be globally portable and accessible in any language
  • Manual Clicking of the characters one by one.
  • Time Consuming

Why the Extension ?

  • Easy to write in our desired language
  • No need to leave the webpage to make the input text
  • Includes phonetic translation
  • Includes word suggestions
  • Easy to toggle with the click of a button

Installing the Extension (Google Chrome):

  1. Go to Chrome store.
  2. Search for Google Input Tools and Install it
  3. After installation click on the extension and click on Extension Options
  4. Then select the languages for translation

Using the Extension :

  1. Now , select the extension and choose the language you want the input to be in
  2. Now type in your desired language in the desired text box

Installing the Extension ( Firefox ) :

  1. Go to the Firefox Addons Page
  2. Now search with your language followed by input . For example "Tamil Input"
  3. Choose the AddOn which resembles your need and click on 'Add to Firefox'

Using the Extension :

  1. In the Addons bar, select the input language
  2. Now write in the text box with your favourite language
Thats it guys. Thats was way too easy and an useful trick wasn't it..

Stay tuned for more updates ..

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