Test whether your Antivirus works or is a good one - EICAR Test

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Introduction :

Does your antivirus work the way it was intended to be ? If you think so, sometimes you may go wrong.
Some antiviruses may be handicapped or modified by the Viruses to not detect the viruses. In such cases, how do you detect that your antivirus is still alright ?

For such situations to occur, EICAR ( European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research ) and CARO ( Computer Antivirus Research Organisation ) have created a harmless test file that will help a developer or an end user to check whether the antivirus is really working or not.

If you want to test your antivirus, then this might prove to be a good testing method. You cannot risk yourself for testing your antivirus by using a real virus.

Whenever an antivirus scans this eicar file, then it should detect it as virus. Otherwise, it is out of order.

This test is not harmful... It does not risk your PC in any manner

Eicar Test :

Method 1 ( Downloading a file is required ) :

  1. Download this file ( 308 bytes only )
  2. Scan it with your antivirus
  3. If it identifies it as VIRUS, then it is alright.
  4. Otherwise, consider reinstalling your antivirus with the latest one or even replacing it

Method 2 ( No download required ) :

  1. Disable your antivirus
  2. Open the text editor.
  3. Paste the following text :
  5. Save the file as test.com
  6. Now compress it using WinRAR or WinZIP or any other archive program.
  7. Again compress the resulting file to double compress it ( archive within the archive ).
  8. Now enable your antivirus and scan the double compressed file.
  9. If it identifies it as VIRUS, then your antivirus is a good one.
  10. Otherwise, consider reinstalling your antivirus with the latest one or even replacing it
Stay tuned for more tips and tricks...

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