Share files in LINUX over Network using Samba Server

Earlier , i made a post about sharing the internet connection between two PCs and now its time we learn how to share files in LINUX to the PCs connected locally.

You can either watch this video or follow the text/image guide below or both :
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Setting up Samba Server :

  1. Install the following packages through the Synaptic Package Manager ( If not installed ):
  2. system-config-samba
  3. Now open Samba Configuration Tool
  4. Click on 'Preferences'->'Server Settings'
  5. In the 'Security' Tab, select the 'Authentication mode' as 'User'
  6. Go to 'Preferences'->'Samba Users'
  7. Review the Users whose credentials you can use to access the files from the client machine / Create a new user for the same.
  8. Now add the directory you want to share and select the Users whom you want to access the shares and also set the 'Writable' and 'Visible' permissions
  9. Click on 'OK'
  10. Now go to the directory that is shared and set the file permissions necessary for the users to access the files ( Read-Only or Read and Write )
  11. Then make a note of the IP address of the server in the local network. This is what we are gonna use to access the files from the client.

Access the Shares from LINUX :

  1. Open the File Manager
  2. In the 'Go' Menu, select 'Location'
  3. In the 'Location' box, enter :
  4. smb://ip_address_of_server/share_name
    For e.g: smb://
  5. Then enter the username and password in the Authentication dialog box
  6. Now you can access the shared files.

Access the Shares from Windows :

  1. Open 'My Computer'
  2. Right Click on the empty area and select 'Add a Network Location'.
  3. Select 'Choose a custom network location' dialog box and click 'Next'
  4. Now enter the following in the 'Internet or Network Address' field and click 'Next'
  5. \\server_ip_address\share_name
    e.g : \\\test
  6. Then enter the Username and Password in the Security dialog box
  7. Now name your location. Click 'Next'
  8. Select 'Finish'
  9. Now you can access the shared files

Thats it !! That was easy. Wasn't it ? Stay tuned for more tips & tricks.

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