Tips to make your laptop live longer

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World of computer has changed from desktop computers to laptops but there are few things that you must know about laptops to prevent them from failures and crashes.

Tips to make your laptop live longer : 

1.Place your laptop on hard surfaces :

There are ventilation holes under and at the sides of your laptop inorder to suck fresh air and keep the system cool while using it.If you keep it on your lap or on soft surfaces like bed then these ventilation holes get blocked and your laptop will get over-heated and could cause damage to your system.

2.Manage the Battery level :

Do not let your battery to charge whenever you use your computer.If there are frequent power cut in your area then it is advised to use a stabilizer because it can heavily damage your power unit on the motherboard which can cost around Rs.2000 to be replaced.Unplug the adapter when your battery reaches the maximum level and allow it to get discharged.This maintains an equilibrium in the battery and the life of the battery will last long.It is advised to drain your battery atleast once in a month.

3.Clean your display screen :

Most of the laptop users does not care about cleaning their laptop screens.This is similar to wearing a same cloth everyday without washing it.Whenever you open your laptop clean it with a tissue paper soaked in water and make sure you the tissue is not over-soaked.Cleaning your laptop screen can make it shiny and gives a pleasant view.

4.Get a cooling pad :

Placing a cooling pad under your laptop can keep your processor cool because over-heating can cause frequent failure of processor and crashes the system.

5.Install an Antivirus :

Virus not only harm your data but also damages the hardisk.Bad sectors are created on your hardisk whenever a boot sector virus affects your computer and this will make your hardisk unusable.Try to use an updated version of a good antivirus.
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