Stylize your website with Google Web fonts

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Do you own a web site ? Do you want to decorate your website with some wild fonts ? Do not get limited to the system fonts alone. You can select any font that you wish from a wide range of Google Web Fonts and make your website look good.

Why Google Web Fonts ?
  • Decorative
  • Cross browser and OS supported.
  • All fonts are open source. So no restrictions in using them
  • Easy to integrate into the web site
  • Font effects
A small example :

This is some decorative text

Adding Google WebFonts to Your WebSite :

  1. Go to
  2. Choose the fonts which you like and select 'Add to Collection'
  3. Then at the bottom of the page you can see ' x font families added to your Collection'
  4. In that section , Click on 'Review' to see the selected fonts in action and check whether it really suits your site.
  5. If everything is OK, then click on 'Use'.
  6. Choose the font style that you want.
  7. In the third section, you will see code similar to this :
    <link href='|Merienda' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
  8. Copy it and paste it in the head section of your HTML coding
    For more information about HTML, visit W3Schools
  9. Then in the fourth section, you will find the css for the fonts. You can use this css in the relevant css class. Visit W3Schools to find out how to use them

Thats it. You have done integrating Web Fonts into your Web Site. Now you will see the font that you craved so much dancing on your site.

For Font Effects and more information about the web fonts, visit

I guess that was quite a useful information. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks.

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