Mount the NTFS Partition with Full Access Permissions to Everyone / Network Sharing

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Sometimes when you want to share your files over the network through LINUX, you need to set the permissions for the entire drive or some other specific files or folders to enable sharing. That is, you need to enable the file access by anonymous users for the files to be accessed by everyone

Setting the file permissions for individual files and folders is possible with Linux drive formats such as ext2,ext3,ext4. But in the case of NTFS drive, you cannot set the permissions for each file and folder. In fact, you cannot even change the access rights for the drive once it is mounted. So we have to set the permissions during the time of mounting for the entire drive / partition

Here, I am going to show you how to mount the NTFS hard disk to be shared with everyone in the network.

  1. Open Disk Utility
  2. If the disk utility looks like this, then follow method one :

  3. If the Disk Utility looks like this , then go for Method 2

Method One :

  1. Select the NTFS disk/partition which you want to mount with full permissions
  2. Unmount it ( 'Stop' icon )
  3. Click on the gear icon and select 'Edit Mount Options...'
  4. Enable 'Mount at startup' and 'Show in user interface' checkboxes.
  5. Then enter the following in the text field after Icon name text field.
  6. auto,user,x-gvfs-show
  7. Then let the mount point be  '/mnt/HD' or any other directory
  8. Mount it again

Method Two :

  1. Unmount the NTFS Partition or Hard disk which you want to give Full Access to everyone
  2. Also make a note of model no, serial no and parition no of the NTFS partition. In this case it would be ATA SAMSUNG SP0411N, S01JJ20X836305 and Partition 1 ( You can tell the Partition no by clicking on the parition and the no after /dev/sdx represents the partition no )
  3. Open Terminal and type the following :
  4. cd /dev/disk/by-id/
  5. Copy the line which corresponds to the Model No , Serial No and Partition No of the NTFS partition.

  6. Again, in the Terminal and type the following :
    sudo -i
    mkdir /mnt/HD ( You can also replace "HD" with your own name )
    gedit /etc/fstab
  7. Now look for the device with the name you have already noted. If it exists, then replace the line with the following line or if it does not exist, then just add it the end of the file :
    Copied_Text /mnt/HD ntfs-3g user,auto,x-gvfs-show
    for e.g :
    /dev/disk/by-id/ata-SAMSUNG_SP0411N_S01JJ20X836305-part1 /mnt/HD ntfs-3g user,auto,x-gvfs-show
  8. Now mount the device with the disk utilty. 
  9. Now you will have the perimissions set for access by everyone and ready for network access
Any more methods you know or any suggestions ? Please mention them in the comments

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