Resume Torrent downloads in Another PC / After Reinstallation of OS

Do you know that Torrents can be resumed downloading or seeding in another computer or in the same computer after reinstallation of OS ? This is not possible with other downloading direct link files ( as far as i know). This property of Torrent is because the files are downloaded in pieces rather than as a single file. This makes it possible to be resumed in other PCs as well as after reinstallation of OS.

Here we are gonna see how to do it :

Tools : Any BitTorrent Client. ( like uTorrent, Deluge, Vuze, etc... )
Platform : Windows, Linux, Mac

Note : The original torrent file or Magnetic Link needed

Do this in your Source System / Before Reinstallation :

  1. Copy the folder or the file which is being downloaded by the BitTorrent client to an external hard disk or pen drive

Do this in your Destination System / After Reinstallation :

  1. Now copy back the file/folder in the other system or in your same system after reinstallation
  2. Now open the torrent file or paste the magnetic link in your BitTorrent client and click OK
  3. Stop the download.
  4. Right click on the torrent and Select 'Advanced'->'Set Download Location' ( This may vary for different BitTorrent Clients '

  5. Now select the file or folder which you have copied to the system and click 'OK'
  6. Now select the torrent -> Right Click -> 'Force Re-check'

  7. Thats it. After checking is complete , you will be able to resume it .

That was pretty easy , wasn't it. Stay tuned for more updates... 
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