How To Search In Google Effectively

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Google is one of the most used search engine on the internet.Globally around one billion people are using google a day and it is able to answer all those queries in fraction of a second.Google uses a very smart algorithm to search and bring the answers from various websites.Depending on the search terms used in the search we can make the google search results very effective.To use a google search effectively we will use something called as operators.

Example : Consider you need to search for your "semester exam results from 2008-2009 of a particular university in chennai and not in coimbatore" and how would you do that ? semester "result" 2008..2009 -coimbatore
The first query Searches for the results only in annauniv website
The second query within double quotes "result" searches for the exact match of the word inside that annauniv website.
The third query 2008..2009 which has two dot between 2008 and 2009 that specifies the result must be with that year.
The fourth query -coimbatore  prefixed with a negation specifies that the results should not be related with the coimbatore results.

Other useful queries are :
  • filetype
  • inurl
  • intitle
  • define
  • author

  1. filetype:mp3 "song name" can retrieve you the mp3 file of your favorite song. 
  2. inurl:techfishy intitle:facebook tricks can retrieve you all the results about facebook tricks from the techfishy website.
  3. define:god can retrieve you the defenition about the word god.
  4. author:j.k.rowling harry potter filetype:pdf can retrieve you the results of harry potter book in pdf format written by j.k.rowling.
Google can be used as a calculator too.Just type in some mathematical expressions like 2+2/3(0.5) in the google search bar and it will retrieve you the exact answer.

Operators that can affect google search :

* is used to retrieve unknown results.
For example : hel* can produce results such as hellboy,hello,helicopter,help etc.
~ is used to retreive similar results.
For example : ~college can produce related results such as college,university etc.
- is used to eliminate the term following it.we have already seen an example above.

Google is more than a search engine.These are some of the examples of the search terms that are used to make the search result very effective and there is more on the way so stay updated.
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