Useful & Must Have Utilities for Windows

Even though Linux is gaining ground in the world of Computers, Windows still dominates it with the sheer number of audiences it has got in the past. "Nothing is special in Windows" - a computer nerd would say. But still, Windows has its time. Here are some fine utilities that will help out serious Windows users a lot :

1. Shedko Folder2MyPC :

Shedko Folder2MyPC allows you to add any folder or application to 'My Computer' or 'Control Panel'. This comes in handy when you have many subfolders and want them to be quickly accessible. So any deeply nested folder can be easily accessed from 'My Computer'

2. Auto Shutdown :

Auto Shutdown, as the name suggests, allows you to schedule automatic shutdown of your PC. Its not limited to only shutdown, it can also perform restart, hibernate, log off and stand by. It is very useful in the times when you go out while there is any installation going on or any other process going on in your Windows and you need your PC to shutdown automatically.

Download Link :

3. Format Factory :

Format Factory is a free Audio/Video/Picture file format converter. You can also set the specific intervals for conversion. You can also add watermark to the videos, repair damaged audio and video files ( haven't tested this feature yet ).

Download Link :

4. BTProx :

BTProx allows you to lock down your Windows when you are away from your PC with your bluetooth enabled mobile device. A detailed view of BTProx can be seen here :

Download Link :

5. FFSJ (Fastest File Splitter and Joiner ):

Have you ever come across files with extensions .001 , .00a or similar numbering. Most likely they are parts of a single file splitted into several parts. File Splitting and Merging is much useful when you want the file to be small than a specific size, mostly in case of file sharing sites. FFSJ is an awesome such tool for Windows. It can also calculate the MD5 checksum for checking the integrity of the file.

Download Link :

6. ColorPic :

ColorPic is a must have utility if you are a web designer or a programmer. Iconico's ColorPic allows you to
  1. Pick the colors on the screen
  2. Select any color from the Web Safe colors, Slider, Rainbow.
  3. Then it gives the hexadecimal / rgb value of the color which can then be used in your program / design implementation.

ColorPic in Action under LINUX using WINE
Download Link :

7. Launchy :

Thanks to : Rakhim Ebrams ( through Comments )

Do you hate going through the start menu everytime you want to start a program ? Launchy is a free cross-platform utility designed to help you forget about your start menu, the icons on your desktop, and even your file manager.

Launchy indexes the programs in your start menu and can launch your documents, project files, folders, and bookmarks with just a few keystrokes!

All you have to do is press the shortcut key for Launchy and enter the name of the program or a file or folder. This is way too useful. ( I have a similar one - Synapse for my Linux and is way too convenient )

8. Image Resizer :

Thanks to : Rakhim Ebrams

Have you ever felt tired of resizing a picture manually through an Image Editing program such as Photoshop before uploading to a website ? Here is the solution :

Image Resizer allows you to resize an image just with a Right-Click. After that, you just need to specify the desired width and height.Thats it. You will get the desired picture file ready to upload. As easy as slicing the fruits in Fruit Ninja, isn't it.

If you know any useful applications, mention them in the comments

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