Protect your Personal Files with TrueCrypt

Have you ever wanted to hide your files or protect your files from unauthorised access. Well Here is a solution for you. TrueCrypt is a great software that allows you to protect your files by encrypting them with a  password. 

Tool : TrueCrypt
Platform : Windows, Linux
  1. Download TrueCrypt from here and install it.
  2. Click on 'Create Volume'.
  3. Select 'Create an encrypted file container' and then click 'Next'

  4. Select 'Standard TrueCrypt volume' and then click 'Next'
  5. Click on 'Select File' and select a directory where the protected file will be saved and give a name for it

  6. Leave the 'Encryption Options' as it is and Click on 'Next'
  7. Now enter the volume size. This has to be greater than the size of files that you want to protect. Then Click on 'Next'

  8. Choose a password to protect the files. Click on 'Next'

  9. In 'Format Options' leave the file system as FAT since it can be accessed under both Windows and Linux. Click on 'Next'.
  10. Click on 'Format' in the screen that appears.
  11. Now in the main window, click on 'Select File' and choose the file that you created (This will contain your hidden files - so do not delete it ).
  12. Now click on 'Mount'. Enter the password and click on 'OK'

  13. Now open the volume that has been mounted.
  14. Now you can cut and paste the files into this volume that you need to hide or protect the files.
  15. After that you can dismount the volume. 
  16. Whenever you want access to these files, you can Mount the volume and access them. Also you can copy the files back to other folders for normal use.

Now now wasn't that much easier. Stay tuned for more updates..

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