Access USB Modem contents under LINUX

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Some of the USB Modems such as Airtel or Reliance does not show the contents (Installation Files) of them when plugged into LINUX systems. Why ? Linux does not need the Installation sources for the device to work. But if you wish to install the corresponding softwares, then here is how to Access USB Modem contents under LINUX :

  1. Plugin your USB modem.

  2. Open 'Disks' ( Ubuntu 12.10 )  or 'Disk Utility' ( In older versions )
  3. Select the CD Drive with the USB Modem's name under it ( In my case it is HUAWEI )
  4. You can see the Device's file name right next to Device ( here /dev/sr1 )

  1. Now go to terminal and type the following :
  2. sudo -i
    mkdir /mnt/myusbmodem ( Create the mount point )
    mount /dev/filename /mnt/myusbmodem
    ( In my case it was :  mount /dev/sr1 /mnt/myusbmodem )
Now the USB Modem contents will be available at /mnt/myusbmodem

Before mounting another USB modem in the same mount point, you need to unmount the mount point or create another mount point. Unmounting can be done using :
umount /mnt/myusbmodem

Check whether the 'File System'->'mnt'->myusbfolder has the data card contents. If it does, then you can proceed according to your own thought. If it does not, then check whether you have given the correct device file name and everything else was right according to the plan.

I hope this was much easier to understand and a useful piece of information. Keep in touch for more useful tips and tricks.

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