Make your own PC a Web Server

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Have you ever wanted to make your own PC the Web Server and start creating the contents for it ? If you are one, then this article is definitely for you.

I take it for granted that you have atleast a Website Editor such as BlueFish (Free) , Dreamweaver, etc.. (OR) You have HTML and any other Scripting Language's Knowledge.

Now we are ready to roll...

Platform : Windows, Linux
Tools     : WAMP (Windows)  (OR)
                XAMPP (Windows/LINUX)

Setting up the Web Server :

  1. Download any of the web servers (or any others if you wish to ) :
  2. Windows :
    WAMP Server
    XAMPP Server
    LINUX :
    XAMPP Server
  3. Install it.
  4. Place the web files that you have under the Root Directory.( htdocs for XAMPP, www for WAMP)
  5. Now, start the corresponding web server. (Check the corresponding web server's help pages to know how)
  6. Now, open your web browser and go to http://localhost .
  7. http://localhost

  8. This will open up the web page. Check whether the web pages are like what you desired. Once you are ready to publish your content, move to the next step.

Make your site ready to be viewed over Internet :

  1. Go to No-IP
  2. Register a new account there for Free DNS. After successful registration, Sign in with your account credentials.

  3. Click on Hosts/Redirects link and then select 'Add Host' button.

  4. Select a name for your website. Then leave the rest of the settings as such. Click 'Create Host'
  5. Then Download No-IP for your OS from 'Download Client'.
  6. During/After Installation, you may have to enter the username/password of No-IP account and leave the default settings as such
  7. Every time, you connect to the internet, open No-IP application and it will automatically do the hard chores for you.
  8. Now, open your web browser and type the hostname you created ( in my case). This will open the web site.
  9. This website will only be available if your system is up and running, the web server is running, you are connected to the internet and you have used No-IP application to update your IP.
Word of Advice :
This is only for testing purpose and for fun. If you really want to host a professional website or website that is available always, host it on a Web Hosting site. Your PC cannot run for days without resting or you may have Bandwidth limitations from your ISP or slow Internet Connection.

So for Professional sites, choose Web Hoster for reliable services.

Thats it, wasn't that easy. Stay tuned for more tips gentlemen...

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