Know whether a link is safe before clicking it

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The usage of internet has grown among the people and so is the threats over the internet. One of them is making the link used for malicious purpose such as link to harmful file or steal your personal info, etc...

But how do you know whether the link you are about to click is safe or not ? Here is the answer :

1. Hover the mouse over the link :
Hover the mouse over the link. The actual link will appear at the bottom of the page in the status bar(IE or Firefox) or in a seperate box(Chrome).

Just keep your mouse pointer over each link in the box below and see what link it leads to :

The first one is the link to this blog whereas the second is the link to google. But both are linked with same text. So hover your mouse over the link to find the true link. So when you keep your mouse over the first link, you will see this blog's address whereas for the second link you'll see google's address.

So most probably, if both the text and link are different, then it might be malicious link, although its not the same in all the cases.

2. Scan the link if you do not trust it :
If you believe that a link is not trustworthy, then scan it using online scanners.
List of online scanners :

3. For Shortened URLs :
If a link is a shortened url, then you can use Sucuri to check whether the short URL is safe or not.

4. Extensions for Chrome :
If you are using Chrome, then you can use this extension : - Dr Web Antivirus Link Checker - Short URL Scanner
Disclaimer :
All of the methods listed above does not guarantee that the link is 100% safe. It just makes the link more dependable to click on.

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