Installing Airtel 3G Data Card Software in Linux

I know I know... Linux does not need special software for  the Data Card to connect to the Internet. But the software that comes with Airtel allows you to manage SMS, make VOICE CALLS, choose the network types, your own PHONEBOOK,check NET USAGE, view Statistics and much more...

Here's how to install an Airtel Data Card under Linux :

Old Interface - No ads

New Interface - Big ad in the right pane
  1. If you can download the software, then move on to next step. Or else if you want to use the installation files that comes with data card, then click here.
  2. Download Airtel Software - Download any one . 

  3. Old Software ( I like this - No ads, clean Interface ) - Click Here
    New Software ( With ads ) - Click Here
  4. Extract the contents to the Desktop. Now your Desktop will have a folder named 'airtel'
  5. Open the terminal.
  6. Now type the following :

  7. sudo -i
    cd /home/your_user_name/airtel/
    chmod +x install_linux

  8. Just press enter in the install window that appears and asks for local installation directory (/usr/local/airtel)
  9. Thats it. This would have installed Airtel Data Card Software in your Linux
  10. For Uninstalling, follow these steps :

  11. sudo -i
    (If you have installed in some other path enter that path)
    cd /usr/local/
    rm -rf hw_mp_userdata

  12. This will uninstall the Airtel Data Card Software

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