Encrypt your Removable Devices in Linux

You may have Sensitive information stored in a removable drive. Are you worried that if you lost it, then those data might be used against you.. You need not worry about that. There is a way to encrypt your Removable Drive the easy way in Linux.

Platform : Ubuntu
Tool : Disk Utility
What is encryption ?
Encryption is the process of converting a data from understandable format to non-understandable format. Thus if one tries to access the encrypted data without the key, they will have less chance of cracking it to get the original information. Thus only with proper key, you can access the original data.
Here is what you need to do :

  1. Open Disk Utility
  2. Under the Peripheral Devices, select the Device which you want to encrypt.

  3. Click on 'Unmount Volume'.
  4. Then Click on 'Format Volume' .
  5. Enter the preferred name and make sure that 'Encrypt underlying device' is selected and click on Format

  6. Then enter the passphrase in both the text fields.
  7. Click on Create.

  8. After successful completion, you will see a layer named Encrypted with a lock at the right bottom corner. This is a proof for the fact that your drive is encrypted.
  9. Now click 'Lock Volume'.

  10. Now, you can access the files only if you enter the correct passphrase.

  11. To return the drive to normal (unencrypted), click on 'Lock Volume'.
  12. Now format the drive without 'Encrypt the underlying device' marked.
DISCLAIMER : For accessing the Encrypted content under Windows, you have to install FreeOTFE. However you can also use the Drive as normal after Formatting it.

Thats it. Next time I'll show you how to encrypt a Removable Drive with TrueCrypt under both Linux and Windows

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